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Animation Processor Released on Unity Asset Store

If you’ve ever had to import animations into Unity, it’s likely that you have found yourself going through the same tedious process of manually tweaking the clip settings for each clip. And if the animations changed, you probably had to repeat the process – many times. At least I had.

So I made a simple editor tool to automatize the animation clip setup.  Once the clip settings are defined, it now takes only a few clicks to apply them on multiple clips in one or multiple files.

You can find Animation Processor on Unity Asset Store. It’s free, like all the other tools I’ve published.

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Ragdoll Copier Released on Unity Asset Store

Ragdoll Copier is now available on Unity Asset Store. Ragdoll Copier is a simple editor utility that enables you to copy an existing ragdoll from a character to another with a few clicks. It’s useful for example if your character model is updated and you have to switch in the new visuals. Without Ragdoll Copier, you would have to recreate the ragdoll. It’s also useful if you have multiple prefabs of the same model. No more need to create a ragdoll for each of them separatedly.

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