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Collision Propagators Released on Unity Asset Store

Collision Propagators is an easy-to-use and fully extendable solution for handling collision events In Unity. It forwards Unity callbacks via events to be used by other components. Both Unity Events and native C# events can be used. Collision Propagators is built on top of Event Propagators, also available on the Asset Store.


  • Filtering both by layers and by tags.
  • One-shot and auto destruction options available.
  • Ready-to-use solution for managing trigger volumes and the colliders inside it.


TriggerEventPropagator scripts
TriggerEventPropagator scripts can be used to handle just about any triggers in your game.
  • Makes decoupling custom logic from the collisions easy.
  • Increases productivity and reduces repetitive scripts by allowing the programmers to do whatever they want with the collisions without having to create new scripts just for receiving the collision events. In simple cases, Collision Propagator can replace an entire script with a one-liner.
  • Using Unity Events allows subscribing to the collision events in the Inspector, which enables a non-coding workflow.
  • Using native C# events provides better control for programmers (and in many cases also better performance).

If you are new to events, see my article on how to use events in Unity.

Code Example
In many cases, Collision Propagators allows you to replace entire scripts with a few lines of code.

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