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Animation Processor Released on Unity Asset Store

If you’ve ever had to import animations into Unity, it’s likely that you have found yourself going through the same tedious process of manually tweaking the clip settings for each clip. And if the animations changed, you probably had to repeat the process – many times. At least I had.

So I made a simple editor tool to automatize the animation clip setup.  Once the clip settings are defined, it now takes only a few clicks to apply them on multiple clips in one or multiple files.

You can find Animation Processor on Unity Asset Store. It’s free, like all the other tools I’ve published.


  • Define settings for animation clips only once.
  • Setup animation clip presets for different type of animations and use these for multiple clips.
  • Clips are matched to the presets using clip names. You can use either full or partial name. Clips can also be ignored with a given phrase.
  • Setup a priority for similar presets to denote which preset should be evaluated first and which are the fallbacks for default clips.
  • Presets are simply ScriptableObjects. Tools to create these are included in the package.
  • Works with both humanoid and generic animations.

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